The Top Story: Weekly Rewind 09/16/13 to 09/20/13

Top Story The Top Story: Weekly Rewind 09/16/13 to 09/20/13

MHz Networks brings you The Top Story-Weekly Rewind. The only digital short delivering this week's more relevant news stories from around the world back to back in English, as told by our premier international news broadcast partners. This Week Topics, 09/16/13 to 09/20/13: Syria Celebrates "Victory" Over Chemical Weapons Deal. 13 Dead In US Navy Yard Shooting, Deceased Gunman Had History Of Mental Health Issues. United Nations Report Confirms The Use Of Chemical Weapons In Syria, Russia Calls It As, "Preconceived" And "Politicized". Egyptian Security Forces Clash With Militants Near Cairo. Syria Conflict Is Deadlocked. As told by Euronews, France 24, Arirang TV and RT.

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