The Young Montalbano Season 2 Premieres on MHz Choice

  • Salvo’s back! Michele Riondino stars in The Young Montalbano Season 2 - premiering May 17th exclusively on MHz Choice!
  • Before Detective Salvo Montalbano became the seasoned and mature detective we know and love, he was just Salvo - new to Vigata and new to being a police chief.
  • As Season 2 begins, all the familiar elements are in place - his glorious house by the sea, his complicated relationship with Livia, his best friends Mimi and Fazio,
  • and of course Catarella! Over the course of six brand-new episodes, Salvo will tackle a colorful array of quirky and puzzling cases: the death of a man who followed
  • funerals, an anonymous letter warning of a wife's impending murder at the hands of her husband, a series of thefts of bafflingly small amounts of money, and the
  • biggest mystery of all - Montalbano's personal dilemma about the complexities of love.
  • Watch the Season 2 trailer below!
  • Catch up on previous episodes of The Young Montalbano here, and don't miss Season 2 - premiering May 17th exclusively on MHz Choice.
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