NHK WORLD to Broadcast Exclusive G7 Summit Coverage via MHz Networks

  1. President Barack Obama To Make History As First Sitting U.S. President to Visit Hiroshima; U.S. Leader to Attend G7 Summit
  3. Washington, D.C. (May 23, 2016) – MHz Networks will broadcast news and analysis from the 42nd G7 Summit in Ise-Shima Japan May 26-27 through NHK WORLD, Japan’s sole public English channel. MHz will broadcast NEWSROOM TOKYO with DIRECT TALK at 7:00AM (EDT) ongoing from May 23, bringing viewers news and analysis of G7 Summit events and interviews. NHK offers two weekday news programs: NEWSROOM TOKYO with DIRECT TALK, an hour-long in-depth news and analysis program covering Japan and Asia, and NHK NEWSLINE, a 30-minute news program.
  5. President Barack Obama will attend the G7 Summit, along with leaders from Japan, European Union, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany and Italy. The G7 Ise-Shima Summit is the first G7 Summit to be convened in Asia since the summit in Toyako, Hokkaido eight years ago. The G7 Summit will cover a wide array of pressing international issues including Global Economy and Trade, Foreign Policy, Climate Change and Energy, Sustainable Development, Quality Infrastructure Investing, Health, and Women’s Empowerment.
  7. Following the G7 Summit, President Obama will visit Hiroshima, a city devastated by an American atomic bomb in 1945, and tour the Peace Memorial Park. Coverage of the G7 Summit and Obama’s historic visit to Hiroshima as the first sitting U.S. president will be reported by Newsroom Tokyo anchor, Sho Beppu.
  9. NHK NEWSLINE will take viewers to a cultural and historical journey to Ise-Shima, how people are living with nature, and their history of modernization and environmental improvement. NHK NEWSLINE will showcase Ise-Shima as a place symbolizing what Japan is embracing and is facing today.
  11. “This valuable international coverage speaks to the benefit our affiliates and international viewers derive in regions like Washington, D.C.,” said Mr. Yoshihiko Shimizu, President and CEO of JIB (Japan International Broadcasting Inc.) “MHz provides an outlet for viewers to be educated, inspired and entertained through coverage of the G7 Summit through NHK WORLD’s NEWSROOM TOKYO with DIRECT TALK."
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  14. NHK NEWSLINE is a 30-minute news show airing weekdays which delivers the latest news, business and weather every hour with stories and analysis from Japan, Asia and around the world. Together with their team of trusted anchors, NHK NEWSLINE presents a picture of what’s happening now, and what’s ahead. NHK NEWSLINE’s alternating anchors include, Catherine Kobayashi, Ross Mihara, Gene Otani, Raja Pradhan, Minori Takao, James Tengan and Miki Yamamoto.
  16. NEWSROOM TOKYO with DIRECT TALK is a one-hour long news program airing weekdays, which covers Japan and the rest of Asia. From major news and the latest developments and the factors that drive them, Newsroom Tokyo offers expert report, analysis, sharp insights and probing interviews with a diverse range of newsmakers led by anchors Sho Beppu and Aki Shibuya. DIRECT TALK, with an introduction by Gene Otani, is an informative and insightful interview program featuring business leaders, influencers and newsmakers along with their stories.
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  19. MHz Networks is a global media company, which specializes in presenting top-quality international television programming to American audiences.
  20. Twelve 24/7 channels are available to the Washington, D.C. television market, the headquarters of MHz Networks- over 2.4 million households- via digital broadcast (over the air), cable, satellite and telco on channels 30.1-30.12. These channels are:  MHz Worldview DC, NHK World TV, CCTV News, RT (formerly Russia Today), Africa Today TV (ATTV), CCTV Docs, France 24, CNC World, Arirang TV, teleSUR, Deutsche Welle TV, and NETVIET. MHz Networks is available in over 30 million households nationally and has garnered critical and viewer praise with its international mysteries, crime fiction, dramas and comedies.  More information can be found at
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  23. NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is Japan's sole public broadcaster, operating the nation’s largest domestic and international television network. In Japan, NHK broadcasts four TV channels and three radio stations. Programs feature Japanese society, politics, scientific advancement, culture, history, food and lifestyles. NHK also transmits two international television channels, NHK WORLD TV (English, HD, 24/7) and NHK WORLD PREMIUM (Japanese, 24/7), as well as international radio services in eighteen languages.
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