MHz Worldview Pre-Empts National Schedule to Stay with France 24 Egyptian Coverage

To remain with the breaking global coverage in Egypt, MHz Networks is pre-empting its traditional national

MHz Worldview schedule and broadcasting live coverage of France 24 from 3:30-9 PM ET this evening on

MHz Worldview. 


MHz Worldview carriage is available here:

The non-stop France 24 coverage is also available on MHz apps, Roku, live website stream at and Google TV.


Live coverage from France 24 also commenses on MHz Networks 1 (digital channel 30.1) in the DC area

from 4-9 PM ET this evening.


MHz 1 is available locally on Comcast 271, Cox 470, RCN 30, Verizon FiOS 451, Dish Network 8077 and

DirecTV 56.


In DC, Today’s Ireland programming on MHz Networks 12 (digital channel 30.12) will air as scheduled

from 3-6:30 PM ET and then go to France 24 live until 9 PM ET.