The Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries Premiere on MHz Choice

  1. "The Queen of Suspense" comes to MHz Choice as The Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries premiere on May 3rd!
  3. Mary Higgins Clark is the Queen of Suspense, with over 3.7 million books sold worldwide. She is the all-time bestselling fiction author in France, where she received the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière in 1980 and was named Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters in the Legion of Honor. Now, the acclaimed novelist is reinvented in a new series of French TV movies based on her most popular mysteries, with thrilling plots, gorgeous scenery and nerve-shattering suspense.
  5. The first three movies, based on Ms. Clark's most popular titles, premiere May 3rd exclusively on MHz Choice.
  7. In "Two Little Girls in Blue," Julie and Simon Malherbe are horrified to discover that their six-month-old twin girls have been kidnapped. As the police begin their investigation, the couple makes plans to raise the ransom money and the mayor of Lyon is selected as a go-between. A mysterious man called "The Albatross" is behind it all, but not even the kidnappers know his true identity.
  9. "Where Are You Now?" begins with Olivia Delmas receiving a birthday message from her son, Mathieu - as she has every year since his disappearance a decade prior. Determined to end the family ordeal, Olivia's daughter Caroline sets off in search of her brother. Caroline's investigation seems to connect him with two other disappearances. Is Mathieu responsible for these crimes, or was he himself the victim of a diabolical plot?
  11. In "Daddy's Little Girl," 16-year-old Pauline was found murdered in the barn where she used to rendezvous with her secret boyfriend, Raphael. After serving 15 years for the crime, Raphael is released from jail, claiming to have new evidence that will exonerate him. Pauline's little sister Lisa is incensed, and resolves to conduct her own investigation. With the help of a fellow journalist, Lisa returns to her hometown and dives deep into a painful past marked by family conflict and dark secrets.
  13. You may recognize Samir Boitard (Spiral) in the second movie as Mathieu's old roommate. Also, keep your eye out for fun cameo appearances by the author and her books in each of the movies!
  15. Watch The Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries now - premiering May 3rd exclusively on MHz Choice.
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