Al Jazeera English Departs MHz on August 20

On Tuesday, August 20, Al Jazeera English will cease its distribution of the channel in the United States. That means it’s newscasts will no longer be available on MHz Worldview nationally or as a full time channel on MHz Networks 5 in the Washington, DC metro area. The live streaming of AJE on their website will also not be available any longer in the U.S. either.  Instead, Al Jazeera will be launching a new and different channel called Al Jazeera America, which is exclusively available on American cable (not thru sources like MHz.) 



Nationally (MHz Worldview) and online/apps/Google TV, Roku

• The 8 AM ET AJE Newscast will be replaced with Ethiopian TV News in English.

• The 7 PM ET AJE Newscast will be replaced with Debate (France 24), a live debate on the topic of the day, presented by François Picard.


Locally in Washington, DC

• Blue Ocean Network (BON) will launch in place of AJE on MHz Networks 5 in Washington, DC on digital channel 30.5, Comcast 275, Cox 474 and Verizon FiOS 452.



- Al Jazeera English is no longer distributed in the United States, consequently making the channel unavailable to MHz Networks.  

- This is a decision made by Al Jazeera, not MHz Networks.  

- The elimination of the AJE channel in the U.S. was made by Al Jazeera so they could launch their new product, Al Jazeera America.

-Al Jazeera America is available on cable, satellite and telco where Current TV used to be available.

-Viewers should check with their local provider to confirm the availability of Al Jazeera America in the package you may subscribe to. You may need to upgrade services. To see where you can watch Al Jazeera America in your area, click here.



Additional information about the new Al Jazeera America is here.


CONTACTING AL JAZEERA WITH VIEWER COMMENTS MHz viewers can contact AJE here or their Facebook. 


Additionally, MHz viewers can contact AJ America at: [email protected]

Catherine Castro +1-202-649-0475 [email protected]

Naomi Bulochnikov +1-213-404-1364 [email protected]  

OR  on the AJ America Facebook page.