Si Se Puede on MHz Networks Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

FALLS CHURCH, VA-  Now in its third year of production as an MHz Networks original, Si Se Puede takes the air nationally on MHz Worldview on Monday, October 4 at 9 PM and 12 AM ET, as well as MHz Networks 1 in Washington, DC metro area.

The program is created in honor of the Latino community as part of national celebrations that take place annually from September 15 to October 15.

In this program, MHz profiles the lives of Latinos who have been able to accomplish their goals and dreams as a result of their strong will, hard work, dedication, honesty, responsibility and determination to succeed in the U.S., in spite of the fact that many were not born in the U.S. and thus faced many hardships and struggles on their pathway to success.

According to MHz Networks Spanish Content Coordinator and producer says, “The guests are true examples for all in the Latino community, old and new, as each one is now a successful, well known and respected professional in their area of expertise.”

Viewers will witness how it is possible for dreams to come true despite obstacles. Most importantly, viewers will learn that beyond achieving personal goals and success, it is even more important to know how to give back to the community and to life, in general.

Those featured in this Si Se Puede episode are:
Esther Aguilera- non-profit CEO, The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI),
Maria Celeste Arraras- journalist/actress,
Pedro Biaggi- radio personality,
Sonia Gutierrez- CEO and founder, Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School.
Dr. Alberto Martinez- Clinical Director & Principal Physician of Visionary Opthalmology.

Coca said, “The dream begins not pondering on limitations, but rather, by putting forth your best efforts, and repeating always, Si Se Puede…Yes We Can!”

The program can be viewed on MHz Worldview throughout the nation on broadcast and cable affiliates in: Los Angeles/San Bernardino- KVCR; Chicago, IL- WYCC; Philadelphia, PA- MiND TV (WYBE); San Francisco, CA- KCSM; Washington, DC- WNVC/MHz Networks; Tacoma-Seattle, WA- KBTC; Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown, OH- WNEO/WEAO; Minneapolis, MN- MPS Cable; Miami, FL- WLRN; Denver, CO- KBDI; Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FL- WCEU; Charlotte, NC- WTVI; Nashville, TN- WNPT; Salt Lake City, UT- UEN (statewide); Grand Rapids/ Kalamazoo/Beaver Creek, MI- WGVU; Spokane/Yakima, WA- KWSU/KTNW; New Orleans, LA- WLAE; Las Vegas, NV- Vegas PBS; Richmond, VA- WCVE; Flint, MI- WDCQ; Charleston, IL- WEIU; Plattsburgh, NY- Mountain Lake PBS (WCFE); Lansing, MI- LCC TV; Moline, IL (Quad Cities)- WQPT; Warrensburg, MO- KMOS; Topeka, KS- KTWU; Rochester-Austin, MN- KSMQ; Charlottesville, VA- WHTJ; St.Paul, MN- St. Paul Neighborhood Network; Stanford, CA- Stanford University Cable.

MHz Worldview also blankets the U.S. satellite footprint on DirecTV and Galaxy 19 satellite on Transponder 27 (channel 949).

Watch Si Se Puede on MHz Networks 1 (MHz Worldview DC) on:
Over the air digital broadcast  30.1
Comcast 271
Cox  470
RCN  30
Verizon FiOS 451
Dish Network 8077
DirecTV 2183

The program re-airs on Thursday, October 7 at 4 AM ET on MHz Worldview and MHz Networks 1.

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