The Shortie Awards & Asia Society Create Embrace the World PSA Award

FALLS CHURCH, VA - The Shortie Awards: International Film & News Festival has developed a new category and award for the festival with The Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning.


The first ever Embrace the World PSA will tell people why it is important to know about the whole world.  Both organizations believe it is time for everyone to be globally competent. 


The winning PSA will be broadcast on MHz Worldview, the national channel of MHz Networks, available to over 35 million households across the country. 


Students will create a short video– 30 seconds to 1 minute – to help people understand how very important it is to know about the world: cultures, languages, business, history, geography.  What happens if we don’t know how to cooperate, connect, and compete? Additional Embrace the World guidelines and story ideas are available at


The Shortie Awards is a free-to-enter festival which recognizes original digital media production created by youth film makers, ages 7 to 18, and by K - 12 teachers, and celebrates and promotes the power of young filmmakers to create, collaborate, and communicate their stories to the rest of the world.


Films must be submitted by April 1, 2011 by 5 PM EST. For information for how to submit, please visit Questions can be sent to: [email protected].


To celebrate its tenth anniversary this year, The Shortie Awards features ShortieCon, a series of workshops for educators interested in incorporating filmmaking in the classroom and for students interested in filmmaking. ShortieCon will be held at the Art Institute of Washington in Arlington, VA on June 4 and 5.


The Shortie Awards film screening and award ceremony will be held Sunday, June 5 in the Dome Theatre at the Artisphere in Arlington, VA from 2:30-5 PM.


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The Shortie Awards
The Shortie Awards is a youth film festival celebrating its 10th year. What started as a small digital education initiative receiving a handful of entries in 2001 has grown to an international film festival with 450 entries from 20 states and 11 countries in 2010.  The Shortie Awards embody the elements of 21st century readiness, creativity, real-world skills. Through the Shortie Awards, students and teachers around the world prove that young people understand how to use the power of digital media to make films, connect, share stories and delve into experiential learning along the way. The Shortie Awards is a product of MHz Education, part of MHz Networks.


Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning



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