New Website Creates Community Exclusively for Digital Media Artists

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Visiting our favorite social network sites has become as routine as checking email. We read about what friends are doing, post an update and upload the latest weekend photos. Then what?


A new website now offers much more than your average network; it's a social learning network – specifically for the digital media industry.   Every member of has access to the Commons, a free social network community to meet with colleagues, ask and answer questions forum-style, and learn from those with similar interests. What really sets the site apart, though, is the high-quality” live online” professional training in the digital media arts: multimedia, filmmaking, animation and photography, with web design coming soon.  


Courses range from one-time workshops like Final Cut Pro for Photographers to full certificate diplomas and even mentorship programs where students can focus on a specific topic and learn from the best in their field.  "When most people think of online training, it's pre-recorded videos and screen-casts," says Robin Mudge, Executive Director.


"But with IDMA, we've really stepped up online education. By pairing the latest technology like live conferencing with the value of real instructors and collaborations, IDMA makes learning intentional. It combines what's practical about learning online with the power of real people."  From the informal knowledge sharing of the Commons to the formal structure of the Institute's diploma programs, it's all contained in the IDMA virtual campus. Features include live interactive presentations, video support, 24/7 access to learning materials and technical support, as well as today’s latest social networking tools. Members are encouraged to keep in touch with classmates, colleagues and instructors as they learn, work and study with people from around the world.  


Multimedia and photography instructor Brian Tetrault enjoys the challenge of teaching online. "Interaction with your peers is so important, especially in this industry.


And at IDMA when you can do that but at your own convenience from wherever you are, it's pretty special. I find it inspiring to teach such a diverse, worldly group – and learn from them as well. I really think this is the next age of education, right here.” has partnered with MHz Networks, a national, independent public television network dedicated to importing premier international content to the United States for broadcast on its various TV channels available on broadcast, cable, satellite, telco, digital broadband players and mobile through the country. MHz Networks promotes the mission of global literacy and brings a multitude of perspectives to globally minded viewers.


An educational entity at its core, MHz Networks' education department facilitates student trainings throughout the school year, focused on media and film production.


MHz Education also produces the annual international film and news festival for youth: The Shortie Awards, now in its 10th year.


The partnership is an extension of MHz's commitment to media, arts and ongoing education and mentorships. For more information:


Whether you are a working professional needing to stay current with new trends, skills and technology, or someone looking to explore a new career in digital media, provides the education, support and services to meet any goal. Get connected with other digital media professionals today by signing up at the Commons for free and creating your profile at


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About MHz Networks


MHz Networks is a global media company which specializes in presenting top-quality international television programming to American audiences.