MHz Moves to Cox Digital Cable in Fairfax County and Fredericksburg

MHz NETWORKS is embarking on an exciting new partnership with Cox Communications. Starting May 30, MHz NETWORKS will provide eight digital channels to Cox subscribers in Fairfax County and Fredericksburg, including programming from France, Holland, Japan, Nigeria, Russia and Taiwan. These channels will be in addition to the already existing MHz international channel that you support, MHz Worldview, with our International Mystery Series, global newscasts and the like. This is all part of the transition to digital broadcasting that has been mandated by the FCC and will become the standard format in 2009.

These additional channels and MHz’s flagship channel, MHz Worldview, is available only on the digital international tier on Cox in Fairfax County and Fredericksburg. For those of you with basic or expanded basic service, you will need to upgrade to digital cable to receive MHz and the other channels we will provide through Cox. The new channel numbers are as follows:

MHz1, channel 470: MHz Worldview (the channel you previously viewed on basic cable)
MHz2, channel 471: NEW! Russian World TV (in Russian)
MHz3, channel 472: NEW! France 24 (in English)
MHz4, channel 473: NEW! Nigerian Television Authority (in English)
MHz5, channel 474: NEW! Russia Today (in English)
MHz6, channel 475: NEW! NHK World (from Japan in English)
MHz7, channel 476: NEW! BVN (in Dutch)
MHz8, channel 477: NEW! Mac TV (from Taiwan in English)

We understand that some of you may not want to upgrade to the Cox digital tier. We apologize that this change may cause you some inconvenience. However, there are many ways to continue receiving MHz Worldview:

1. MHz is broadcast over the air (without cable) on analog channel 56 and on digital broadcast channel 30.1 and 57.1.

2. Dish Network and DirecTV satellite services carry MHz on their local packages. MHz Worldview national feed is carried on Globecast satellite service.

3. Other cable providers carry MHz on their basic packages, including Verizon FiOS.

4. A digital broadcast receiver box allows you to pick up ALL eight of MHz’s digital channels listed above – free of charge. In addition, a digital broadcast receiver enables you to tune in all the other DC area television stations currently offering digital signals.

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