A24 Media Joins as Newest Partner at MHz

FALLS CHURCH, VA - - A24 Media and MHz Networks announce a new partnership. Beginning in late spring, MHz Networks will feature news shorts from A24, Africa’s first online delivery site for material from journalists, African broadcasters and NGO’s from around the continent.

The A24 content will be featured on MHz Worldview, MHz Networks national channel. Viewers in over 30 million MHz digital broadcast, cable, satellite and telco households will experience A24 content.

For information on channel numbers and where to watch, visit www.mhznetworks.org/mhzworldview/affiliates.

The A24 business model ensures that all contributors receive wide exposure of their content.

A24 MEDIA/Camerapix, African’s oldest independent production company, continues its mission of telling African stories professionally and with an aim of inspiring audiences and promoting debate. It continues to grow and maintain its record of high quality productions concerning key events and issues in Africa.

Spanning 40 years and home to 4 million images of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, the Camerapix Archive is the largest visual resource of its kind in Africa, with over 8000 hours of unique and historic video footage. The catalogue of content includes current affairs, historical events, people and personalities, tribal images, wildlife, landscapes, and rare aerial and underwater photography. The company’s founder, legendary photojournalist Mohamed Amin, won many awards and accolades for his work including the role he played in exposing the devastating Ethiopian famine of 1984 to the rest of the world.

For more information, visit www.A24media.com or www.camerapix.com.

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