Thank you for supporting MHz Networks!

There are many ways to contribute to MHz Networks. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you further about how you can support independent, international public television. Please call 703.770.7151 for more details.  In addition to donating money to our mission, you may want to explore these options:

Gifts of Stock

MHz accepts gifts of stock as donations. We sell the stock immediately and attribute the gross proceeds from the sale to you as your donation. Gifts of of stock may be sent to MHz Networks, 8101A Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22042, Attn: Membership.

Matching Gift Programs at Work

As a nonprofit organization, MHz Networks is qualified for matching gift programs offered by employers. Ask your human resources or accounting representative about how you can help MHz by participating in an employee matching gift program. Programs differ. Some employers offer a matching gift up to half the value of your donation, while others offer a three-to-one match. Your donation could potentially triple in value! (Employers may ask for information about MHz for their records. Let us know if you need additional information!)


Would you like to remember MHz Networks in your will? Your bequest can ensure that quality international programming is available for years to come. If you decide to make a bequest to MHz, please call us at 703.770.7151.

Payroll Deduction

Did you know that many employers allow you to donate to non-profit organizations through payroll deduction? Ask your human resources or accounting representative about this option.

Monthly Installments

It may be easier for you to make a contribution on a monthly basis, either charging the donation to your Visa or MasterCard or having the donation paid monthly through your bank. To pay monthly by credit card, please call MHz Networks at 703.770.7151.


MHz Networks is one of the registered organizations with iGive, the first and largest online network of shoppers, online stores and Websites dedicated to turning everyday online shopping into philanthropy.
How does iGive.com work?
FREE membership! Great prices! Member privacy! FREE to join!  Just go to iGive, enter your email address and you're on your way. YOU choose how much information you share on your member profile. Once you're signed up, you're ready to shop.

As a member, you'll receive great discounts, free shipping offers and special savings.  Shop at over 700 generous stores and maybe save on your taxes!  Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, JCPenney and Expedia are just a few of the hundreds of online sites where you can shop through iGive.com. These stores give up to 26% from every purchase you make to MHz Networks. Many of these contributions can be tax deductible for you, too.

In order for your purchases to count toward MHz Networks, you must begin your shopping at iGive.com. They have made it so easy. You can shop by product name and find all the participating stores who provide that product as well as the percentage of your purchase they will donate to MHz Networks. You can also shop by store name.

What's the catch?

There isn't one. It's free, with total member privacy and no spam. You don’t pay any extra for your purchases. A percentage of your purchases, which is determined by each participating business, is dedicated to the cause of your choice. iGive.com members have raised over $1,700,000 to date for their favorite causes.

Earn $5 for MHz Networks just by signing up!
When you sign up as an iGive.com member and make a purchase with 45 days, $5 automatically goes toward MHz Networks. It's that simple! And you can earn $5 by referring a friend to iGive.com as well. You can check your account activity easily at iGive.com to track how much you're contributing.

Thank you for your support. And happy shopping!

There are so many ways to get involved with MHz Network's mission! Take the time today to pick the option that is best for you.

United Way Contribution

Although MHz Networks is not specifically listed as one of the agencies to whom you can contribute through United Way, you can write in MHz as your designated charity. Simply specify MHz Networks as the organization you choose to support and fill in our address: 8101A Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22042.